Who we are

Who we are

KN Nutrition established in 2017, have been in the Supplement distribution business for over 3 years in all latin n américa with other brands. We decided to start doing our own brand, seing there was a lack of distribution agreements. KN Nutrition is a Family brand Manufactured in a GMP Facility ( Baes Nutrition Labs) in Miami Florida USA that is allready distributing supplements in over 15 countries. It has grown faster then we ever expected and is expected to Grow even more in the future. Manufactured under USA standards and even counting with a lab where we do our, Pre production testings to make sure all products leave our facility with the best quality.

Kn Nutrition is a full brand with over 45 SKUS going from a very clean Protein to Fat burners, Vitamins and others, that make KN Nutrition more of a life style then a Body Building brand. Due to (Baes Nutrition Labs) KN Nutrition has the capability of adapting to any Market due to the fact that we can re adjust formulas to the requirement of any Market or country. We can also formulate any tipe of product to the costumers specification.

Kn Nutrition has over 35 athletes world wide of many diferente countries . and also is developing a full line of samples to help expose the Brand and reach new customers and markets.

Kn Nutrition Has a unique way of helping on distribution to other countries having a none distribution policy in United States Helping on mantaining a decent wholesale price to help our distributers on having the profit they need and not having to fight over other importing the brand from other stores in USA, making KN Nutrition a brand that makes sense in investing.

KN Nutrition has registered the brand and names in order to protect or customers and ourselves from counterfeiting which includes specific packaging , sealing and overall presentacion.

Kn Nutrition is developed in Baes Nutrition Labs, where we have all the equipment we need to manufacture in a short time a complete line, from fully automatic capsule and tablet machines to a automatic Packaging line ready to do over 10.000 bottles a day in a 10 hour shift. Our runs are constant and low looking to mantain the Raw material we use as fresh as possible.

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