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Omega-3 are polyunsaturated fatty acids, commonly found in fish considered cold water (eg salmon, tuna, sardines, cod), can also be found in vegetable oils, flaxseeds, nuts and some types of vegetables. (MORAES, COLLA, 2006).

The consumption of Omega 3 was observed in several studies with significant importance in the prevention of cardiovascular and chronic degenerative diseases. 

The consumption of Omega 3 is associated as a therapeutic practice for health, promotion and prevention of cardiovascular and chronic degenerative diseases. 

It influences the metabolism of hepatic triglycerides and cholesterol production, decreases arrhythmias, platelet aggregation and inflammatory responses.


  • Prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular changes, 
  • Inhibit vasoconstriction and platelet aggregation, 
  • Stimulate insulin release, maintain endothelial cell integrity
  • Participates in the normal development of the placenta and fetal growth, neural development and participation in immunity functions


(Andrade and Carmo, 2006, Martin and Collaborators, 2006, Hu, Manson and Willet, 2001, Grimm and Collaborators, 2002)

Reference: Brazilian Journal of Obesity, Nutrition and Weight Loss ISSN 1981-9919

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